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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:05:09 EDT

  1) I'd like to say thanks to the response i got from everyone on my U2 mask
design it should be real fun when it is finished with and i'll get a picture
of the finished product for you.
  2) I got an interesting (at least i think it is :) question that may have
been done before on here but im new so bear with me. If you were putting
together a U2 all-star album and had to have at least one song from one album
on there what would your lineup look like? Heres the catch though...they have
to be in order, so for example, you cant have "Where the streets have no name"
and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" cause there both the first track so its one or the
other!! It makes for some interesting and tough decisions let me tell
  Heres my list...i think...
 1-Sunday Bloody Sunday
 4Bullet The Blue Sky
 5-Out Of Control
 6-So Cruel
 8-The First Time
 9-The Playboy Mansion
11-Mothers Of The Disappeared
12-Love Is Blindness

Well, i had a tough time with tracks 1 and 7 especially and a tough time
getting Zooropa on there and i love that album its just that the best songs on
it are bested by other albums track #!!!!! Same goes for Pop as well...well
you can either e-mail with your list or post it so everyone may have a look
and discuss eachs preferences...good luck!!!!
 3) old subject but my favorite line was only done in concert versions of
"one"..."Did you come here to play Jesus...?....I did!" the best part of the
line is the little smirk Bono got on his face every time he said it!
 4) Best christmas gift i ever received was this past christmas...handmade
awesome replica of the shirt Edge wore this past tour...the"MR THE EDGE" shirt
sequins and all ...hope i spelled that right?! Its the exact thing she did it
off the cover of Guitar magazine that edge was on..and of course i wore it to
the hospital and in the delivery room when my son was born in april so the
first pic of me and my 1st kid was in that shirt...im sure in 20 years hes
gonna ask "DAD! What the hell is that shirt ya got on!!??" LOL
Well thanks for puttin up with such a long post but im about to explode with
excitement that i finally have all you ppl to talk about u2 with!!!!!!!!
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