Re: Danny and the rest

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:46:33 +0200

Hi to all,

 "Bjarni Fridberg" <[email protected]> wrote:

>After reading tons of flames, about Danny Best ripping people off, by
>selling a doulbe CD for 50$, then I was thinking, this Rafael San Martin
>guy, he's selling ONE cd for 50$, I know it's much more songs, and
>everything, but still he's expences will be the same as for any other
>CD, but he's just making money out of it.
>I think this guy is makeing big bucks and when someone is makeing big
>bucks someone else is being ripped of, and that Bono did not like.


Well, first of all, I never dealt with Danny Best, but for me $50 for a
2CD-R set
is highly overprized and a totally rip off!

But this Rafael San Martin guy beats everything. Not only that he charges
$50 for a CD
(I'm not sure if it's a CD-R) with MP3 is ridicilous and a mega rip off.
But this CD contains
all the official released U2 recordings . Sure bootlegs are
illegal but nobody really cares about it. But selling piracy copies of
official recordings
is a totally illegal action and this guy is ripping off fans and stealing
money from the band.

Nobody should buy this CD!

I don't have problems with people who sell bootlegs on tapes, CD-R,
whatever and make some profit.
A good CD-R drive costs a lot of money $500 and more. And producing a CD-R
takes a lot of time,
much more than copying a tape.
But charging such amounts is not fair.


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