Re: Ellen Darst

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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:23:20 EDT

I have under semi-good authority that Ms. Darst is not too far out of the
Principle Management picture. It seems there is a secondary company called
Principle Artists, who shares the same address in New York as Principle
Management and RZO. Many people who head up companies don't always completely
leave when it's time to give someone else a turn, or when they are looking for
more diversity to meet their own career goals. Sometimes they may stick
around with more passive rolls or act as advisors. I don't know about her
association with Electra Records, it is very possible though.

As for Ann-Louise Kelly, I believe she is involved with Gavin Friday -- Not
exactly sure on the details (Nico, ya wanna help me out here?)

In the name of Sparky!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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