Re: U2 lose millions in investments - article

joe ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 12:58:38 -0600

Robbie Robinson wrote:
>Their estimate might be a lot off. I've read in other financial
>articles that they made $10 per sale (a lot more than 3 pounds)

Don't believe everything you read, Robbie. U2 don't even get half that
from the sale of each CD (& much less for cassettes). A single Pop CD
cost record stores around $11 (in the US) per unit. So, according to
your financial articles, U2 got $10, leaving around $1 left over for
manufacturing, distribution, promotion, record company profits, etc? I
think not. That $10 figure is laughable and very far from reality. The 3
pounds figure is probably fairly close to what U2 actually makes from a
CD sale.


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