In defense of Jeff Shirkey (re:Difficult Trader)

R.D. Mauzy ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 22:56:28 PDT

Earlier, some bozo wrote:
>[email protected] is beginning to sound like trouble. I
>recommended many to him, even though he was a prick with me.

Then a very nice RattleNhum responded:
>I'd like to say in defense of Jeff that this is the most ridiculous
>things I've read on Wire.

To which I'd like to say:
Absolutely right. That is totally rediculous. I've had nothing but
awesome dealings with Jeff over the past while. We made a trade once,
and he didn't even ask for anything in return for like 3 months. He is
one of the most honest traders i've ever come across, always concerned
with the other persons tapes. He's never let me down. Sorry U2man, looks
like you picked the wrong place to try and hang a perfectly honest, and
great trader.


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