Red Rocks

Michael Wright, POPSTAR ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 23:27:32 PDT

I saw on Vh1 or MTV that all these artists are now doing concerts at Red
Rocks, from John Fogarty to the Dave Mathews Band (who, I think put out
a live album from that very location) and what I want to know is: What's
up with that? U2 does it back in like '84, and suddenly it becomes cool
in '98 with John Tesh! Come On! oh well... with all these clips of
artists saying how neat-o Red Rocks is, I would have loved to see the
clip of that guy (from the U2 concert) saying how great the concert will
be once the rain stops (you know who I'm talking about!) "It's gonna be
great, it's gonna be a great concert"

m <-- the jitterbug baby? achtung!

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