Need some stuff!!!

Kushan Mitra ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 17:06:42 +0530

Ummmm...I'm from India and it is notoriously difficult to get some
particular. OK, OK The newer U2 CD's are available (I have them, but I
prefer 80's U2) but I am desperately searching for The Unforgetable Fire.
I've searched the biggest music shops around here the Cd aint anywhere....
The problem being that the guys who produce Island Records albums here have
never produced the CD. So, if there is another wireling who shares my
nationality and has the CD please tell me. Remitting forex from India is
near impossible (red Tape) unless someone accepts Indian cash I cant pay in
dollars. There is a bootleg of Bono and Ravi Shankar performing together at
London available in RAM format at the U2 zone. And for heavens sake Peace in
Northern Ireland... dont fight over religion.
Kushan Mitra

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