Yet another reason my school is the best...

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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:03:32 EDT

Hey all!
I just wanted to share my U2's not spectacular or anything, but
I found it uplifting. I was walking to class today (yes, I'm one of those
crazy people taking a class in the summer). Anyway, I was walking past our
beloved football stadium (any other Gator fans out there????) when lo and
behold what do I hear blaring from the inside of it, but Mysterious Ways. I
was so pumped! I started singing along and I'm sure that everyone who saw
probably thought I was crazy (well, they're not far off :). But it was cool.
Just thought I'd share that. It's funny, cause when someone on wire mentions
UF, I keep thinking they're talking about the University of Florida---I guess
that's cause that's what everyone around here means when they say that!
On a non-u2-related note, I just got a new computer yesterday and I must say
that I am excited. All the U2 sites on the web look so much better on a
17-inch monitor than a 13-inch one.
Hey, this is kinda belated, but my fave U2 quote THIS week is "and we scorch
the earth, set fire to the sky, stoop so low to reach so high..."
I also want to know if there's anyone else out there from the gainesville,
florida or surrounding areas...we should get together.

Have an incredible day!

"When others need your time, you say it's time to go, it's YOUR time..."

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