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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 17:22:37 EDT

   Okay, this subject is one that is getting everyone's attention. I'm gonna
cut right to the chase. 'coolblade' wrote about robbie in his message. And,
in reference to that, I would like to say that we are first, and foremost, all
u2 fans.
    With that said as a preface, I would like to make a simple point that
progress, technology, music, and the art of all of the above is what I am
defending. I am keeping my status as a fan unknown for one reason: it is
irrelevant. I can tell you, though, that my experiences with the band are
memorable, to say the least.
    I think that it is a strong view to hold in your heart the emotional
importance of music. I am a a student in architecture and I keep one foot in
reality at all times. The same, I believe, holds true with music. Coolblade,
your view on Popmart being about commercialism, superficiality, and the fact
that the music is more important is partially true. However, U2's intention
of the tour (just as the last one) was to dwell on what is not necessarily
their forte. In other words, it wasn't about u2 trying to be a
sellout......or trying to glamour up a show because it was what the industry
called for. That's all wrong. If you have carefully read the literature on
U2 and the way they make their artisitic decisions, you will quickly find out
that U2, as a group makes their decisions based on an progress. They feel
that experimenting and using what is not normal to their 'character' is needed
for them to be interested forever in their music. It's just like Bono said,
they're restless.
     U2 is simply using their tunes as a vent....they are trying to understand
the technology around them. Forthcoming albums are expected to be more mature
in this area. It is already evident that U2 has grown from their Zooropa
album...into Passengers....and into POP.
     By the way, the idea of Popmart being a 'product' for everyone was the
concept from the very beginning. You interpreted that correctly.....however,
your opinion of them doing it for that reason of fitting in...and becoming
popular.....well, I will have to disagree with it. They presented this
concept, I think, as a mockery....a wake-up call as to what is around us...and
how we are beginning to receive it. Don't think for a second that Bono's
jabbing on stage is all because the industry asked for it. U2 asked for it.
They wanted it. To those of us who aren't ethnocentric, they have made a
positive impact on.
     One of the many themes that U2 sticks to is the progress/evolution of us
as humans. Whether it be our last night on earth, or we're goin' blind from
starin' at the sun, U2 will always be straight from the heart. It's only
because of the approaching year 2000 and extreme optimism/creativity that U2
now is straight from the Popheart.
reply, please....
" You've got to give it away!!!!!!!!!!"

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