Similarities between John Stamos and U2??? Imagine that!!!

[email protected]
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 19:25:29 EDT

Hi Everybody!!

I was REALLY bored this afternoon, and so I was flipping through channels. I
finally decided on Full House(please dont laugh). Anyways, during a
preformance at the Smash Club, I noticed that Jesse was wearing a shirt that I
recongnised. It was at the very end of the show, and so yelled at my sister to
look at what he was wearing. I couldn't place where I knew the shirt from, so
i just staired. I finally remembered what it was that the shirt reminded me
of, and I dashed toward the stairs to go and get my U2 At The End of the World
upstairs. I trip on the basket of clothes going up(as clumsy as I am), and and
as my sister roared at me, I manage to make it all of the way up the stairs...
I brought it backdown the stairs, and sure enough, I had my match. The shirts
that the boys are wearing on the back cover of the book was the EXACT shirt
that Jesse was wearing. Weird huh?? The only difference in them was that
Jesse's shirt did not have the three gold things on the flap of the pocket...

I just thought that was kind of weird.. so anyways, I am done rambling..

Everybody have a good day,

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