My thoughts on the suddenly poverty-stricken band...

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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:35:27 EDT


You know, who should be more to blame...the genius who suggested a freaking
bowling alley as a sound financial investment (what's next???..putt-putt
golf?)...or the band and their management for giving the 'ok'???

My thought is this: all it takes is a 2 minute phone call to say 'How is my
money doing' or 'We need to meet to make sure i'm not going broke'...whether
it be from one of the band members, or their management. It is something that
should be done every year anyway. A financial consultant working on salary
(maybe, maybe not) really has nothing to lose when it comes to suggesting
risky opportunities.

Of course, the European market hasn't been the soundest place to put your
over the last 10 years...but unless there is something I don't know, there was
nothing to stop them from having their money placed in United States markets.

If I am not mistaken, didn't I read a story about the recent firing of their
accountants as well???...or are these two events one in the same?

The article mentioned that U2 is in the fortunate position to own all the
rights and masters to their recordings. If anything, Michael Jackson can buy
them the way he did all the Beatles tunes.

I will be sending another post which will be from an article that was printed
in last week's Sports Illustrated (the one with Muhammad Ali on the cover)
regarding Frank Thomas (baseball player) and a plan he has to earn capital.
Who knows, it may be something that becomes more prevalent in the future.

Dan in TheDesert
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