U2 & Soccer and Pop Pack

Gavin Clydesdale ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 98 13:17:22 PDT

G'day U2ites

I have been enjoying the U2 and Soccer thread, especially with the World Cup going on. I watched all 64 games great stuff! Well apart from Bad Spice's send off!!! I did like the one of the Argentinians players saying he looked good enough to kiss!
Has no one mentioned Georgie Best and LSD yet? Best Northern Irish Soccer player ever, perhaps even the best Irish soccer player ever pity he played for Man U and not Liverpool!

A question to all you experienced U2 collectors. I have seen u2 pop -packs with a Metal U2 - Pop CD case, T-Shirt, Coasters in a large box is it worth 100$ OZ ( around 63$ US) limited edition -3000 copies ever heard of it is it an official or unofficial release etc.



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