U2's forthcoming tour(s) and bootleg videos

Michael West ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:49:30 +0100

Hi Wirelings,

I've been viewing the "Which tour was best?" discussions with some interest over the last few days. My
question is thus, "Regarding live performances, where do U2 go from here?". Let's say they do another World
Tour in four years or so, how do they approach it? Do they opt for a very expensive, but certainly very
attractive, Popmart style approach? Or do they decided upon a more "back to basics" Joshua Tree style
        What would everyone else like to see U2 do? Should they continue to play in large stadiums, where
there can be little doubt that they are the Kings of this particular area, or should they opt to perform
indoors? It is possible to suggest that U2 may no longer wish to embark upon a both physically and mentally
punishing World Tour along the same lines of ZooTV and Popmart. Would anyone be disappointed if U2 decided to
abandon their "home", and as a result play in smaller venues?
        Secondly, I have been trying, albeit without a great deal of success, to get my sweaty hands on a copy
of U2's Santiago show. Is there anyone in the UK who would be willing to copy me the aforementioned gig?
Naturally, I'll pay for return postage etc? If this proposition is not welcoming, please e-mail me privately
and I'm sure we can strike up some form of deal...

Thankyou for your time and patience,


[email protected]

"Arms entwined, a chosen few". Bono - New Years Day

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