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Linda Jose ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:07:34 -0700 (PDT)

I know I may be a little late responding to this- but here goes...

> rob okorn wrote:
> +AD4-Bono's vocals: they've deteriorated substantially from his peak
> +AD4-years and I'm not only talking about range, there's also vocal
> I agree just listen to anything from the Joshua Tree tour and then a
Popmart show. There is a BIG difference.
> Bono's voice isn't getting better he's lost the range, the tone, the
feeling. It's sad really. I don't know if it's from his smoking or what.
> Slicer
>Robbie Wrote:
That's very strange. I think Bono's vocals are much better now than
they were in the 80's. The vocal coach Pavarotti referred him to at
the beginning of the 90's did wonders.
What are you cerdentials and exactly why do you downgrade Bono's
singing now? I am curious. Are you a trained singer?
What he's doing now has much more emotional range. Of course, some
people are not sensitive to that much emotional range and don't
hear it.

I agree that Bono is a very emotional singer and has improved his
voice over the years.
But it IS true that his voice has deteriorated slightly since his
earlier days. I have had voice lessons and have been involved in
choirs for eight years leading up to my senior year in high school- so
I am not speaking outside of my knowledge. I do admit however that I
don't know EVERYTHING regarding this matter- but here is my .02

Damage to the vocal chords can be caused by what a lot of my teachers
referred to as "singing from your neck."
Or forcing out notes. The damage that can be done by doing this is
compared to what happens when you skin your knee falling on a
sidewalk- it can lead to severe vocal chord damage. My choir director
in the 7th grade had limited use of her voice after years of improper
vocal technique.
So how does this relate to Bono?
I'm not saying that his vocal technique is ALWAYS horrible- but it's
evident that it did suffer a little during Popmart- (and past tours of

Proof to back this up, you ask?

Here are a couple examples from the Mexico city broadcast:
During LNOE- the chorus- Bono is almost screaming.
At the end of "Gone" ("I'll be up with the sun..."- Bono is forcing
the notes.

I'm not saying that Bono is always guilty of this- everyone's
technique would suffer after countless tourdates--
Besides smoking- continuous improper vocal technique can lead to
permanent vocal chord damage.

Before a flame war erupts I DO appreciate Bono's emotional range--not
every singer is capable of doing that. You can have years of voice
lessons and sing with no passion what so ever.

Just my opinion-
Linda J

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