Bono at the 1997 MTV video music awards!!!!

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Thu, 16 Jul 1998 12:32:28 EDT

Hello all
 I just wanted to share a memory with everyone I had last year. I remember
seeing the commercial for the MTV awards (USA) so I was like cool. And when
they said performances and they showed U2. I was damn, I have to get there. I
already had luck that year by getting lucky to be up onstage with Bono at
Giant's stadium, I felt like now anything is possible. So in August (last
year) when that day I was in New York City I decided to go to the MTV studios
in Times Square and ask info if I could help out there cause I was really
desperate to see Bono again. So I went into the building and looked on the
directory and was looking what floor MTV networks was at. Not the same floor
where they used to tape MTV live. So I met a guy in the elevator and he said
alot of people working here cant even come to the awards so its really hard
even though he was gonna be working on the side to escort some of the famous
people were they needed to go. So, well this is a long story I'm gonna try to
make it short. So I found a way to get in with my friends and let me tell u,
it was so hard. I had to go through so much excuses and different things but I
did get in. I was dressed up also. I went into the mosh pit thing in the front
but they saw I dint have a wrist band and was kicked out of that with my
friend. So then luckily I was so scared they were gonna arrest me but I walked
away and I saw Carmen Electra and I was like, Hi! She was very sweet and I
told her how I got in and her boyfriend b-real said dont get caught and I was
like I know God I hope I dont. So then I saw my friends there and we got on a
line to be seat fillers. Thats when famous people leave there seats and stuff
they dont want it to look empty so they would put a seat filler there and it
would change like every commercial break. I was like please let me see Bono
but the whole night i didnt see him and when please went on I was like Oh my
god, cause it was unexpectaintly. So the girl next to me was like excited and
said to her husband I love them and I told her I was onstage with Bono at the
popmart show and she was like Oh my god. So Bono sang his heart out to please.
I remember the drum beats the way it went through me. So after the performance
I was mad that Chris Rock made that uni Bomber joke. So when Bono left the
stage he held his arm up sticking up his middle finger. It WASNT toward anyone
but this was like when he was like almost of the stage and the curtain was
blocking him. That was that! I did meet adrain (drummer of no doubt) Ghost
face from Wu Tang asked my sis for her phone number even though he never
called. She spoke to busta rhymes manager. Um, I met Donald Trump there and
Tony Bennett and more. It was one experience well actually the 2nd experience
I'll never forget. I was happy to learn that this year the MTV VMA's are gonna
be in CA. So I wont feel like to myself, I have to get there again. I wont
bother trying again. I just the 1 time was a wonderful experience. Thanks for
reading this everyone!!!!!!
[email protected] "uncertainty can be a guiding light" -Bono

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