Looseness: Final words

rob okorn ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:12:12 PDT

I hope the relevant parties actually read my words rather than
conveniently juxtaposing words and contradicting my statements to make
points that have inaccurate facts with no merit. If you're going to
make a point, you should at least be able to discern the context of the
points. Here are a few quick examples.
Hard to imagine bit is it so hard to discern that spontaneity is
implicitly intertwined with looseness, some people seem to think they
are mutually exclusive and go of on a tangent with shouts of
Second, it is pretty easy to endlessly reiterate 'Your arguments are
INVALID' especially when your points juxtapose inaccurate facts that are
also conveniently taken out of context for blanket generalizations.
Third, addressing the melodies/loosness issue.
Then again, you prefer to juxtapose my words and espouse opinions that
mirror the tone and level of your previous posts. Good example was your
assertion that Red Hill Mining Town and Staring at the Sun used the same
style and very stylistically close. Staring has TIGHT plodding melodies
and arrangments, Red Hill is much looser in verse and chorus with alot
more nuance and passion. The Red Hill verses incorporate an accentuated
talking style, it doesn't drown. I guess you prefer sterile tight
production rather than an organic feel. Equating Red Hill and SATS as
the same thing speaks volumes about where your points are conceived
If you're going to counter with another inaccurate juxtaposed diatrine,
try to...

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