Cool U2 stuff I found today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thu, 16 Jul 1998 20:20:54 EDT


I just went to my local CD store and was lucky enough to find "U2, Live In
Rotterdam July 18th 1997". It has Popmuzik, Please, Streets, Lemon
interlude, Discotheque, That's The Way (I Like It), and Velvet Dress. Nothing
absolutely spectacular except that it is also a CD Rom. Instead of watching
the concert footage on my TV, it's on my computer screen. Kind of cool.
Anyone else have one???
 I also came across "The Zooropean" magazine at Tower Records. Am I the last
to find out that you could buy it there??? Anyways, the issue I got talked
about what the boys liked to eat backstage at the POPMART shows. Bono LOVED
veggies and Ranch dressing, Larry loves Snapple Peach iced tea and chips and
salsa w/ quacamole, Edge loves stuffed mushrooms w/ feta cheese and Snapple
Raspbery iced tea, and Adam loves finger sandwiches without red meat and a
bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.
Sorry if everyone knew all this already. I am off to buy some peach
Snapple..... Ginny :-)

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