Prentious assertions (and posts)!!!!!

Jennifer White ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:56:43 -0400

If you want to kiss the sky you better learn how to kneel!
What are you trying to say rob.....I gathered that you are Joshua tree
fan...Fine...JT is one of the most brilliant rock albums of all
time!....but POP is not a dispensible album. Lyrically I feel there is
nothing above it. The best thing about U2 is that you dont know what to
expect.Because the cd or tour is nothing like the Joshua tree makes U2..U2!
In my opinion, the popmart tour had the best of both was just
U2 playing (no ..... with the video screen
concept from zootv......there is nothing inferior about being able to
evolve and unite 2 types of styles to make sorry you didnt feel
POP was interesting...but slicer said it best...."just because you dont
like Pop doesnt mean you have to subject us to your tumultous criticism!"
Its not just about the vocals, or just the lyrics, or just the bass....its
how it all works together! ....otherwise why are we here!
      jen...catdubh....hey gloria!!!! where ya been?!!!!!!!! :P

milk does the body good! :)

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