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Tim Fox ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 21:06:11 +0100

Many people have been discussing the possibilities for a new U2 tour: many
people have also over-simplified the options available to the band. There
are more than just two categories of tour - the idea is more complex than
simply a debate between a 'stripped down' show, and a stadium spectacular.
Expensive props, screens, effects etc, can be allied to an arena tour, or
even a theatre tour. (cf Peter Gabriel's Secret World Tour, which utilised
simple but brilliantly inventive stage design/props/projection

In my opinion, the Zoo TV show was the most ingenious concept for a tour
which the band have ever developed - it's the strength of the concept that
matters, not necessarily the size of the venue. When Bob Geldof saw one of
the Zoo shows, his reaction was 'expensive bollocks signifying nothing' - I
think that description better fits Popmart, since the design of the show was
less inventive than Zoo TV, and lacked Bono's personality crises!

The band have some excellent artists/designers working with (for) them - eg
Williams/Fisher, and hopefully they will create something equally
impressive but on a smaller scale than Zoo TV or Popmart. This will satisfy
those on the 'stripped down' side of the argument, as well as those who
favour a stadium extravaganza.


P.S. Is there any official
confirmation/speculation/revelation/condemnation/ isolation/desolation
about that) - about the rumoured Sep 28th European release of Popmart

Thanks for following all that.

I'll leave you now.

'I'll cross the world for...green and gold, but it's those Spanish
eyeeeeeeeesssssssssss, that bring me home - HOME AGAIN!'


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