BONO art, U2 quotes, U2 sound bytes, and ADAM!

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 22:11:28 PDT

HEY! I need ya all's help, puh-leeze...

So, my town is havin' a big ol' fair this August, and I'm gonna enter
some art this year. You win $MONEY$, too! Right on! Well, I drew a
bitchin' picture of Bono, with the slicked back hair, FLY glasses, and
that massive, sexy grin. It looks like the Bono in the Hold Me, Thrill
Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me video. Pretty HOT, BABY! WOOO WEE! Aaaaanyway,
it's like a profile shot, and I'm gonna write somethin' below and above
the Bono face.... but I don't know what to write. I wanna U2 quote.

I was gonna write "WELCOME TO ZOO TV, YA ALL!" or "I WANT MY ZOO TV!",
but I'm not sure.

Got any great ideas, anyone? I'm SURE ya do....
I'd appreciate ANYTHING ya all can give me.

* * * * * * * * *
Also, I found a website loooooong ago that had some awesome U2 sounds on
it. Not full on songs, but funky stuff. Like Bono singin' "AAAAAAAAAll
I waaaaaaant is..." and then a voice jumps in and says "U2!!!!" I can't
find things like that anymore. Ya all got any good websites in mind???

When my computer starts up, it's an Austin Powers' sound byte that says,
"Groooooovy, baby. Yeeeah." When I make an error, it says, "That's not
MY bag, baby!" Then, when I shut the computer down, it says, "Austin
Powers. Danger's my MIDDLE name." I'M GETTIN' SO TIRED OF THIS, for
they've been on my computer for ages. I need some U2 sound bytes, baby!

* * * * * * * * *
One more thing: As I was watchin' Zoo TV- Live from Sydney, I just
noticed how HOT ADAM IS! I've always thought he was nice lookin', but
the way he bobs as he plays the bass... it's just so CUTE! He does this
thing with his body and puckers his mouth. It's kinda funny! CUTE!
And there's a part in Zoo TV when Bono, as the FLY, looks over at Adam,
and Adam flashes a cutie-pie smile. OOOOH! He's nice, honey!

OK! I'm ramblin' now. SORRY! Just, someone- anyone - please help me
out with this BONO picture. THANKS!

Nikki =)

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