Re: Old Tours vs. New Tours, Bono's Voice

Chris Wolf ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 01:28:50 -0400


>I guess we just disagree. Every now and then Bono seemed to do alright
>with New Year's Day this tour. But 'Bad' is another story altogether.
>I think you're overlooking that fact that, like 'Pride' and 'Haven't
>Found', 'Bad' was also tuned DOWN in order to accomodate Bono's voice.
>I think that's evidence enough that he can't handle singing it in its
>normal key--A maj. (It's actually A flat maj based on standard A 440
>tuning). Now it's played in A flat (Actually G maj, again going by
>standard tuning.) There's only ONE reason they would do that: To help
>Bono be able to sing it more easily.

        Yup. You are exactly right. These three songs were played right in a row
on the Popmart tour too, I guess so Adam and Edge didn't have to keep
switching instruments all the time:-) I am suprised though that they keep
playing "New Year's Day" where it should be. I mean, that song is pretty
high for Bono too but he seems to handle it well.

>They started tuning 'Pride' down
>towards the end of the Lovetown tour, but then went back to regular
>tuning for the Zoo tour(s)

        Yeah, I noticed this. I always thought that was weird though. I mean,
Bono's voice was so strong in 1989 (except when he got sick), and it
shouldn't have been much trouble for him. But on Zoo TV in 1992/93, they
put the song back in it's normal tuning and he had to hit those high
B-flats every night at the end of the main set and he did it! That still
blows my mind:-) Can you think of any reason why they did this Jeff?

--and, if anyone else happened to notice, they
>played 'Pride' and 'Haven't Found' at their normal tuning for the first
>Popmart show in Vegas.

        Yup. I noticed this too:-)

>After that show, though, they dropped 'em both
>down a half step.

        Hmmmm....I guess I'll have to go listen to my San Diego boot again, but I
know they dropped it down pretty quickly:-)

>Those of you who have the 12/27/89 boot will also
>notice that 'Two Hearts' is also tuned down--another early song that
>would be terribly demanding on Bono's voice. Some people have told me
>that that that version 'sounds different'. If you ever wondered what
>the deal was, now you know.

        Yeah, that is tuned down too. But I think it might also 'sound different'
just because they hadn't played that song in like 5 years, and all of a
sudden they threw it into the set that night. That's not always easy to do:-)

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