looking for some live versions - BOOTLEG OWNERS PLEASE READ

Oli G
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 13:28:18 +0200


I'm trying to complete my collection of live U2 songs, and I need live
versions of the following songs:

-Shadows and tall trees
-With a shout
-Like a song
-Indian summer sky
-Wire (only soundboard, if it exists)
-Red Hill Mining Town (soundcheck Murfreesboro TN 28NOV87)
-Spanish eyes
-Hawkmoon 269 (soundboard from Sydney 1989)
-So cruel (Hershey rehearsals 1992)
-Bad / So cruel (Milan 22MAY92)
-Playboy mansion (I think they performed some verses somwhere in the USA...)

Any sound quality will do. If you have any of the above versions, please get
in touch with me ( ). So you could make me
a good copy on audio tape (high level), so that I can archive it on MiniDisc
from your tape. I will send you cash for the tape and the postage.

Please get in touch if you can help me. Thank you very much in advance,

Oli G.

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