who i think should produce a U2 album

Sanjay Gandhi ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 08:01:54 PDT


These are the people i'd like to see produce an album
(includes a list of what they've produced, that i liked)

Nellee Hooper who was around for POP(didn't do anything)
but was the producer for Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
and Bono's Version of Marvin Gaye's Save The Children

and the other would be Paul Barrett
who did alot of b-side work for them on Achtung Baby here's his list
Bono Can't Help Falling In Love and I think also
Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes
U2 Alex decends to Hell for a bottle of Milk/Korova 1
Lady With The Spinning Head
Satellite Of Love with the Edge
Night and Day with the Edge
Where did it all go wrong with U2
Salome with U2
Who's gonna ride your wild horses(the temple bar remix) with U2
Paint it black with U2
Fortunate Son with U2

Jimmy Iovine produced my favorite album Rattle and Hum

U2 should produce I mean they know what there doing, they know what they
want and theyve produced before
some of my favourite b-sides
Love Comes Tumbling
deep in the heart
spanish eyes
Dancing Barefoot cover
unchained melody cover
everlasting love cover
silver and gold

Um if you look throught the POP booklet you'll realise that Flood
produced the tracks for the most part, howie B helped flood out on
only 4 tracks (Please, The Playboy Mansionm, Miami,and If God
Will Send His Angels).He also helped out Flood in producing
"I'm Not Your Baby". Howie B was the lone producer of the
Please Single Version (which out of the three releases LNOE, IGWSHA
and Please) was my favourite.

Only other person i would like to see is Butch Vig

So basically an My album would have Songs produced by the
some of the following
U2, Nellee Hooper, Paul Barrett, Butch Vig, Jimmy Iovine, Howie B

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