x-files and U2

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 23:37:51 -0400

    I went to see the X-Files Movie this week for the first time and
really loved it. I mean, I've been watching the show for a while since
my one friend got me into it. But this movie was amazing!!! The
writing/acting/effects were good. And I think that there was a lot of
suspense where they didn't show something clearly (ex: alien) instead of
goriness and not much else if they had shown it. So I loved it...and
David Duchovny. He's now on my background for my comp. Bono used to
be, but since U2 is my screensaver, I wanted a good balance.
    So my question is...why is it that you think so many wireling are
into the x-files? I mean, is there some kind of connection or is it
just a weird coincidence. Let me know.

-Violeta (vgmsonnet on AOL Instant Messenge and [email protected])

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