Re:who should produce a U2 album

[email protected]
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:01:29 EDT

<<Only other person i would like to see is Butch Vig >>

EEEK! please tell me this was a very sick joke? I wont EVEN get started on
this man because...well because its your opinion and I respect that I just
really really dont agree with it is all.

and im a taurus so Im supposed to be opinionated :)

with that said I think that Tim Simenon should produce a U2 record. Tim is
from Bomb the Bass and produced Gavin Fridays "Shag Tobacco" as well as
Depeche Modes "Ultra".

I have ALWAYS felt that he would be a good choice and of course would hire him
up by my band if only we could afford him :(

Now that is just my opinion and feel free to agree or disagree with it.


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