October is the official U2 month!!

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Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:26:03 EDT

Hey im new to the wire list. but since i joined ive been so happy i did. also
i have never traded online but as far as i can tell this jeff guy is a pretty
good trader so who ever was giving him a bad rep stop it! enough of that
though. i have liked U2 since about 1995 or so. i remember that the song that
made me like them so much was "where the streets have no name" i remember
hearing the beginning to that song and it was\is so powerful. but since then i
have been trying to know all i can about U2 (im far from my goal) and as sad
as it is im still missing two cds "boy" and "wide awake in america" but im
going to fix that this week im going to buy them. Oh to all that saw the POP
tour i heard about it i wanted to go so badly and i could have. i dont
remember why i didnt but i hate myself for not going. but to those who did see
it did they really have a big lemon\disco ball come down and was there a
screen where Bono and Laura Croft (from tomb raider) really danced? if so
please tell me so. i wish i could have gone to that concert. oh well hopefully
next year or the year 2000 they will come out with a new cd. i just hope they
dont rush the cd. cause rushed cd some times suck but i dont think anything u2
does will suck. well thanks for reading my letter.

  hey everybody October is only two months from now. we all got to have a U2
month so during october everybody play U2 24\7 (not like you dont already) and
try and get at leastr one friend to buy a U2 cd. lets see how many U2 fans we
can make. also try and get people to join the wire mailing list. if we all try
we could double the wire list. so go for it all!!!!

  OH my fav U2 line is
       "...and i cant tell the difference between abc news, hillstreet blues,
and a preacher from the old time gospel hour..stealing money from sick and the
old.... but the God i believe in isnt short of cash mister!...."

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