next tour

Ethan Schrum ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 14:51:26 -0600

The question of what the next tour will be like has been floating around
for a while now. One issue that we haven't addressed, though, is what
songs will be dropped from the set list. Although we'd like to have new
songs added and none deleted, we know realistically that that is not
going to happen. There will probably be at least 8 new songs played
(probably more), and they're probably not going to expand the set list
much. So if we have to get rid of eight songs, as painful as it is, what
does everyone think they should be? I'll start off. I'm sure there will
be some differences of opinion :-)

I Will Follow

Also, they really need to improve their versions of Pride and WOWY if
they want to keep them in the setlist. I have yet to hear a really good
version of either of these songs from the PopMart tour. They are two of
the greatest songs ever but didn't really sound that way on PopMart.
Bono really needs to play guitar on WOWY to make it sound right. It was
interesting to hear that Pride was tuned down in PopMart (thanks Jeff),
I hadn't realized that was why it sounded strange. I think that Bono's
vocal degeneration definitely plays a part in the current sound of these
two songs as well.

With that said, what would be best would be to have a smaller core of
songs that is played at every show, then a large group of songs from
which some would be selected. For instance, we might hear The Fly and
Running to Stand Still one night, Angel of Harlem and Stay the next,
etc.This would probably require less dependence on the video technology,
of course.


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