u2 live: a concert doc.

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Sat, 18 Jul 1998 17:30:38 -0400 (EDT)

hey all,

i just got back from a music store and found U2 Live, a Concert
Documentary there for half price and bought it. it is a little beat up,
but pretty good. i have just had time to leaf through it, but two things
stood out already.

1. there was a debate a few weeks ago about bono knowing how to play
guitar. in this book he says that b.b. king (during the love town
tour) taught him to play as much as the edge did. also, there is mention
of him singing for fans outside the venues with just him and his guitar.

2. this book also discusses how they brought in the 90's with a concert.
right after the countdown, they began the opening of WTSHNN.

other quotes-
paul mcguiness: "the idea for U2 to play at the start of the new decade
has been around for a long time."

bono: happy new year! happy new decade with U2.

hopefully, if the band likes new years celebrations, the rumors about at
1999 tour with be true. can you imagine being led into the 21st century
with where the streets have no name?! (sigh....)

i love u2,

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