My internet troubles

Cathy I ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 00:24:32 EDT

Hello Wire,
Sorry to post this but I have no other choice. My internet is still
down. Apparently some stupid assholes broke into my internet company's
offices and
decided to destroy everything leaving hundreds of people without the
internet. Bunch of SH*T HEADS!!!! Sorry I'm really pissed! Anyways, I'm
on my city library's crappy freenet which I can only be on an hour at
a time and it keepes freezing on me! I apologize to those I have not
replied to but I promise that I will once I get my good internet back.
Either that or I'll e-mail you using this stupid freenet if I get bored
waiting for my good internet. So please be patient. I swear I'll get to
all of you soon, I hope! So everyone out there please say a little
asking that my good internet will be up and running soon! Thanks a lot!
U2 4-ever,
Cathy :)

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