JT vs POPmart vs McDonalds vs Burger king vs the Israeli channel 2 vs Elephants

Yair Why? ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 00:08:19 PDT

Hi there,
first of all the JT vs. POPmart war: (civil war)
I read people say he got old, I read people say he's just tired
IT IS CLEAR- the boy must quit smoking and start a GREAT
deal of Jogging! that's obvious i guess for every one who
ever met a serious smoker. the problem is not Range-
during POPmart whenever he had range problems, its when
his voice was generally a bit "grounded" or broken, if we put
up vocal skills, at his late thirties BONO`s main gain should
be Depth in texture as James Hatfield, Anthony Kiedies and
Michael Stipe just gained the past few years they're all about
his age they're voices all evolve similarly,
Why don't we hear a similar improvement in Bono's voice?
how many of you who participated this argument over the
past week or so remember (and I`m quoting BONO) "that
album..." (Bono,K-mart. Feb., 97) yes that Eno-U2 thingy
that was released with barley any promotion.
you all remember Passengers, listen to "your blue room"
"slug" "miss Sarajevo"-- So deep, So expressive, listen to
your Dublin `93 Zooropa copy- listen to bono screaming his
heart for love through the outro chords of UTEOTW listen to
his most expressive and honest interpretation of Stay, listen
to the way he passionately turns the heavenly plasseto
ending of bad to a Completely Perfect Holocaust opening
Bullet the Blue Sky- Got it ?

Bono at his Peak- `93-`95 - Zoo Europa-Passengers

listen to POPmart- he gives his heart and soul but His voice
is somewhat "Hollow".- a typical Smokers voice that's all.
let him solve the problem- he'll do his best I hope- all he has
to do is take a few months off smoking and "Choke it up all

about spontaneity in POPmart: ovcourse there is, because its more
limited- it finds a much more creative output, you can
recognize that in the evolution some songs went through:
listen to Bono`s reference of "Walk on the Wild Side" during BAD in
LivAid . out of the blue and sounds total surprise. larry keeps drumming
the very tight "BAD" groove- listen to "Bad" in Santiago Feb. 98 - Bono
really Doesn`t show any clear sign that he is about
to refer to any other source, yet the band create a more
Spacey and bouncey fill and groove- now U2 don`t act like a
U-2 but like a stealth fighter- much more delicate and
intelligent, or listen to the Barcelona "Bad" or to Discotheque
every time different approach, or MW or even One, they all
change rapidly if from show to show if you really listen!

thats enough, does anyone knows if this Melbourne song
that combines UV and Gone qualities and sound and has a
chorus "I don't wanna wait..NO MORE!..." is a cover an old
song or a brand new piece? IT sounds great anyway, and i
never heard it before ovcourse..

I don't wanna wait , I don't wanna wait, I don't wanna
wait-NO MORE!!!!!!

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