Popmart Bad???

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 11:14:41 +0200

Hi People,

I heared, that Bad first appeared at the Barcelona Popmart show.
But I also heared that this is not true.

Can anyone confirm this?

Another question. How did they perform Bad during the Popmart tour???
Did they play a long 9min version like during the JT tour, with Ruby
and Simpathy for the Devil, or just like during the ZooTV tour?

The best version I ever heared of this song, is the one during the Zooropa
at London, Wembley 12-08-93. It's the one with L. Shankar on the violin.
This version kicks really ass. You can find it on the "Faraway, so close"
from London, 11-08-93.



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