Smita Bahadur ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 18:34:19 -0400 (EDT)

        Hi Guys!
I just got back from a little U2 shopping and I picked up some goodies.
I'm soooo happy!!!! I got (finally) my very own U2 keychain. it's got
Bono as MacPhisto on it and it says "Bono is MacPhisto" across the top.
Then i picked up my first issue of Zooropean from Tower, which made me
even happier. then i went record hunting and found the ISHFWILF single on
vinyl. I had to get it even though my record player has worked in years!
i know it's not much but it brought a BIG, BIG smile to my face!

If anyone else in the toronto area wants a keychain i got mine at Fandom
Paradise on John St. they had a couple more, only with Bono on them
though. oh yeah, HMV on Yonge still has the shaped interview discs too if
anyone's interested. they had one of Bono and one of Larry for $28.99
i've got the Bono one it's pretty good! and the keychains at fandom were
only $3.95
Good luck shopping!!!!

A VERY happy (POPMart) shopper,


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