The absense of HMTMKMKM.....

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 16:07:22 PDT


 I was in a sci-fi store last week (Phantasia in Penrith incase anyone
cares), and I noticed they have a huge movie soundtrack selection. Since
I get such a buzz from seeing U2 anywhere Im at I look imeadiately for
the "Batman Forever" soundtrack.....not cause I want to buy it or
anything *lol*, just to see U2 in print (and admire Val Kilmers face on
the cover). Anyways Im reading the track list and I notice HMTMKMKM isnt
on it.
  I was understandably perplexed and the person I was with looked over
to see what I was doing. She was very amused.....but eventually looked
at the cd and told me that she had a different version and she was
pretty sure HMTMKMKM was on the version she had. I was even more
perplexed that she wouldnt know for *SURE* about U2 being on the
soundtrack, but shes NOT a fan....what did I expect??
  So Im wondering why Warner Brothers (was Batman a warner bros. film??
whatever) re-released the Batman Forever soundtrack without HMTMKMKM on
it. Did U2/Island revoke permission to use the track or something? Or
were different versions released in different countries and I was
looking at an import??

Bloody curious,
P.S. If anyone is wondering, the cover instead of having all the
characters on it only had Batman standing alone......

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