the Amazing Adventures of Electric Erogenous Edge

Jo Spurrier ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:09:10 +0930

Hello Wirelings!
I just now came across the U2Help file and LAUGHED MY ARSE OFF at the
Amazing Adventures of Electric Erogenous Edge. it's fookin' brilliant!
it's fookin' great! fook! as Billy Connely would say. but let me ask you
all...what is the latest version? i have version 1.04, which i think is
about 6 months there a later version? With more adventures?
Ooooh, they're brilliant! waaarrrggghhh!

and another thing...Where's the news?! what have the boys been up to? Yeah,
fair enough they've gone on holidays, but, dammit I WANT SOME NEW MUSIC.
NOW!!! i'll jsut have to console myself with the thoery that, as long as
they're in the studio feverishly working on new songs, they wont be doing
anything newsworthy. no news is good news, i hope. waaarrrgghh!
Jo S. <-------------------in a state of extreme agitation
>^..^< <*((()))><

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