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Hello! First post on Wire!
Someone recently post a question asking whether there is a connection
between X-Files and U2, since so many people who like U2 like the
X-Files. I think there are a few strong similarites. First, both are
rather intelligent. Neither dumbs down its material for its audience,
and yet still manages to be fabulously entertaining. Both have a very
(I wish I had a better word here) sensual undertone. U2's music, both
in subject matter and the fact that it is extremely soulful, comes
across as ever-so-slightly romantic, erotic even. (Then there's the
flat out obvious ones, like the Achtung Baby album.) The X-Files,
likewise, has an equally strong sexual/romantic undercurrent in the
Scully/Mulder relationship. They avoid flat out dating/sex/marriage,
and still manage to be considered one of the most romantic couples on
television. (Instant sexual tension - Just add Gillian Anderson)
Third, they both know when NOT to be erotic, as I mentioned above.
Neither "Bullet the Blue Sky" nor the episode "The List" could be
considered romantic. Fourth, both get very dark. Let's face it,
Zooropa isn't a very bright-sounding album, nor is Achtung Baby, and
Unforgettable Fire seems rather, well, noctornal. This isn't bad at
all. I quite like it, actually. Fifth, they have a GREAT sense of
humor. Bono has MacPhisto, The X-Files has "Jose Chung's From Outer


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