U2 in old National Geographic Issue

Shary T. ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 23:12:56 -0700

This may be old news but it's a new discovery to me. My friend who's
sympathetic to my U2 pinings and yearning to visit Ireland who's been to
Ireland herself, sent me the Vol. 183, No.3 September '94 issue of
National Geographic which highlights Ireland as the cover story. I put
off reading it and put in on top my stack of Ireland Tourist Board
stuff. Anyway, I finally opened it up only to find a spread out page of
U2 on stage during a Zoo TV concert in Dublin. The writer does mention
his take on U2 as an Irish band in a good sized paragraph. If I get
enough requests, I'll transcribe the bit on U2 for WIRE. Oh, if you were
in the front row during this concert YOU may be in NG too!
   The whole article itself is pretty dismal and wary about Ireland's
future as it embraces developement head o, but good nonetheless. So,
there you are! U2 in NG! ~Shary

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