Response to J/Audience vs. soundboard

rob okorn ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 23:54:30 PDT

With all due respect J, calling Holy Joe equivalent to Luminous times,
Spanish Eyes, and Sweet Fire of love is a joke. The 3 '87 era tracks
have a gzillion times more 'emotion' and replay value than your 'holy
joe track' or any other b-side which in your books are simply inferior
to the album tracks. A song like Spanish Eyes wouldn't ecactly be
consitent with Joshua Tree's dark themes and religious undertones,
perhaps you forget that that JT has plenty of great songs on it and they
simply were constrained to the vinyl record's time constraints.
Amazing that J writes that what Bono has lot in the 'physical' side of
vocals he's made up for with his emotional side and then quickly
dismisses Luminous times, spanish Eyes, and sweet fire of love which
have emotion to the nth degree!!
In fact, The Joshua Tree and it's b-sides have enough emotion to last a
J finally does explicitly acknowledge the 'deterioration' in the
'physical' side of Bono's vocals which helps explain the different
tone/texture in his voice.
Performance aside, I'm not an engineer but anyone can hear the flatness,
compression, lack of dynamic. The tranpsrency isn't there.
Any soundboard/broadcast records high and low frequencies AT THE SAME
TIME. Any sounds reach your ears whereby the high frequencies arrive at
your ears before low frequencies, thus the sound is more three
dimensional, transparent, alive, with more ambient detail. Same applies
to audience recordings recorded with high quality mics. Unfortunately
most of the popmart gigs were recorded with subpar mics.
Gerlado's mics had no audible treble, grainy artificial sound really
lacking detail. The Core miked shows also had mediocre treble,
clausterphobic stereo image, and high noise floor. The Sonics were
better with treble and detail, more laive but unless it was recorded
really close sounded tinny.
Rock's Hottest Tikcet, Four at four, Joshua Tree on fire used better
mics, thus the higher quality sound in the more acoustically friendly
indoor venues. It's as simple as that.
Problem is also most people interchange 'soundboard' and 'broadcast' and
regard both as the same. A true soundboard would include the December
Point Depot 89's except for the new year's broadcast. Since some of the
boots used the actual DAT soundboard master with no post production, the
sound would be quite a bit superior to popheart.

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