The Cure V's U2 - the selections....

Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:13:59 +0800

ok..ok... here it is, after considerable debate - severe migrains and a
deep seated fear of Wire - here it is the 'weapons of war' for the much
anticipated 'war' with the huge Cure fan.... But as a quick reminder
here was the basic set up...

>A good friend of mine is a HUGE Cure fan, and we
have been battling about which band is better (ok ok i know) and we have
decided on a Battle Of The Bands - with 22 categories and an
'independent' judge (she claims to like both the Cure and U2).... Anyway
the idea is that no song can be used for more than one category, no
B-sides apart from the obvious B-side category (well derrrr!). Anyway,
i'd appreciate your help - we have to win this contest - although some
would argue it isn't a fair fight *laughs* so here are the categories:>

That since got relaxed, with lots of B-sides and Passenger tracks
sneaking in, but that's ok. So here it is....
1) Best 'throwaway' song - LEMON (DISCOTHEQUE was very close)
2) Best techno song - MOFO
3) Most ridiculous song - MIAMI
4) Sexiest song - MYSTERIOUS WAYS (although VELVET might
also get played - i'd like the 'judge' to hear it *grins*
5) Best suicidal song - LOVE IS BLINDNESS
6) Best 'Pop' song - EBTTRT
7) best 'pull at the heart strings' song - ONE
8) best love song - ALL I WANT IS YOU
9) best worst song - THE WANDERER
10) best single - WITH OR WITHOUT YOU
11) best under-rated song - ULTRAVIOLET
12) best 'easy listening' song - ANGEL OF HARLEM (very tough one)
13) best B side - SLOW DANCING
14) best teen anthem - STILL HAVEN'T FOUND
15) best instrumental - 4th OF JULY
16) weirdest song - ELVIS ATE AMERICA
17) best vocal performance - BAD (live)
18) most catchy tune - DESIRE
19) best 'anger release' song - UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (SBS was a
very close second... another tough one)
20) best song to sing-a-long to - PRIDE
21) best song that slowly builds - STREETS
22) song that leaves you feeling saddest - RUNNING (personal choice)

Thanks to EVERYONE who voted... In some i went for my own choices, other
catagories i went with something because i realllly want the 'judge' to
hear that song - like LEMON for 'throwaway'... Despite the overwhelming
votes for Velvet Dress for 'sexiest' song i went for a personal fav, i
can't help thinking the live version of Velvet Dress is on peoles minds
here *smiles* or maybe its a female thing *shrugs* oh well. The result
of the survey will be posted shortly - stay tuned.
anyway i thought it might be food for thought for otherwise starving
people *grins*
take care,
back to your regular transmission,
"sees the truth behind the lie" - Slow Dancin....

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