U2 Simpsons in Australia!

Matt Houston ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:11:06 +1000


Channel 10 is *definitely* showing the 200th episode of "The
Simpsons", "Trash Of The Titans", next Wednesday night (July 29th) -
finally, we Aussies get to see the U2 episode!

In other U2-related viewing, at 9:30 pm this Saturday (July 25th),
SBS is screening "Ghost In The Shell" - the movie contains "One
Minute Warning" from the Passengers album.

Also, for those of you with cable TV, World Movies next month is
showing Wim Wenders' "Beyond The Clouds" - this (apparently) contains
"Your Blue Room" and "Beach Sequence" (again, from the Passengers
album). I can't recall the date(s) on which it is screening, so check
your program guides.

That's all, folks. (Oh yeah - while I've got your attention, I'll
shamelessly plug my homepage. It's got the three tracks from U2-3 in
MP3 format, as well as a whole heap of other stuff.)


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"And it's true we are immune / when fact is fiction and TV reality."
 - U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

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