Chicago POPMart Boot Available!

John J. Hlavaty ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:53:47 -0400

This is a repost of my note from yesterday just to inform
all of you that I have now made two .mp3 files that are available
for downloading. For those that are interested in obtaining a copy
of a Chicago "POPMart" show, please read the passage below.

Here's your chance to own a "POPMart" boot at a reasonable price.

This boot is NOT offered by any bootlegger. This is my very own boot!
I searched for an "official" boot concert for any of the Chicago "POPMart"
shows and found none, so I decided to create my own.

To create this boot, a LOT of time, effort and money went into
this project. However, I feel the final result is worth it. I was able to
the June 27th and 29th, 1997 Chicago "POPMart" concerts on tape.
I digitized the shows by recording them onto a computer as a large .wav file
(44 kHz, 16-bit, stereo). The .wav file was divided to create individual
Each track was filtered and amplified to create the best possible sound. The
wav files were then recorded onto CD-R disks using the "Disk at Once" mode
to eliminate breaks between songs. The entire June 27th, 1997 Chicago show
appears. Three bonus songs from the June 29th, 1997 Chicago show were
included due to the infrequency that these songs were performed during the
first leg of the "POPMart" tour. The jewel case inserts as well as the CD
covers and title were designed using images obtained from the internet or
from my own collection. To obtain more information about this boot, to
see the set-list or to download two of the songs (.mp3 format) go to:

The boot is entitled "POPMart Blows Into The Windy City!" :-D
The item comes as a 2-CD set in a double jewel case with color inserts
and labels. PLEASE NOTE: To *my* ears, the .mp3 files I have
made available do NOT sound as crisp or as clear as the songs on the
actual CDs. This is due to the compression (from .wav to .mp3) and the
fact that the .mp3 songs are only at 128 kb/s. Nonetheless, if you are
impressed with the sound quality of these .mp3 files, then you will truly
enjoy the CD recording.

I have put three copies of this boot for sale on eBay. Despite the "bad press"
eBay has received by some members of WIRE, I have enjoyed this service.
I have bought and sold several items without any difficulty. If the demand
for this item is high, I will bypass eBay in the future. To bid on this item at
eBay, go to:

or do a search for "U2" or "POPMart" if you are on the main eBay page.

The starting bid has been set at $23. This price includes postage
(if in the continental U.S.). For those that feel this is too expensive, I can
only reply by stating that I must account for the initial overhead costs on
both time and supplies. I also must stress that to the best of my knowledge,
this item is NOT available through any bootleg retailer (where typical 2-set
CD boots go for $37-50). If you feel this item is too expensive, then
simply do not bid on it.

At this point I will not consider trades only because I am already in the
midst of several trades and my time is limited. If there is enough interest
in this item, I will put it up for both sale and trade in the near future.

Thanks everyone!



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