RE: AI Daily tally / SPAM????

Kimiko Percival ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 16:27:54 PDT

God my email box too, 5 messages 3 of them were repeats the other were
some other crap.

Anywho I wanted to share another beautiful U2 moment. I'm on way back
from lunch and I had my window down and Red Hill Mining Town up high and
while I was stuck at one of those annoying railroad crossings with a
stupid train going by this couple pulled up next to me and the woman
leaned out of her window, I was thinking she was going to ask me to turn
it down or something but no she asked "hey what are you listening to?"
and I said it's U2 and held up my Joshua tree tape and she goes "I've
never heard of them but they sound really good, are they?" and of course
I say yes = ) and she said they will check them out and thanked me = )
Woo hoo


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