re: Bono and Ali photo in People Mag

Shary T. ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 19:10:13 -0700

I never thought I'd write anythin as bubble gum poppinly trivial as this
but,..."Oh Mah Gawd! Bono looks sooo @#$%ing HOT!" I never cared about
their looks besides "choosing" Larry as my eye-candy in the band, but
there is something about the photo... he looks so content, relaxed,
mildly smug and RICH!, with his lovely wife equally composed of
celebrity brand sophistication. He, for once, looks like he spent some
money on his clothes with a little Sinatra inspiration so he looks like
the bloody millionaire that he is! I should hate him! But, I'm so
attracted instead.... ;> Shary

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