Re: What U2 are up to/Pictures/Stalking

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:08:12 -0700

Jo Spurrier wrote:
> Y'know, it's funny, but I thought that as long as a post here
> had SOMETHING to do with U2, it was OK. After all, the whole
> point of this list is to share with other people how we feel
> about U2, isn't it? Try not to take life TOO seriously…

I'm setting here wondering who the Wire fink is.
Somebody has to be complaining for warning messages on
content to go out. That is...unless somebody is sending
out phony warning messages. I wonder? We get some wackos
on Wire sometimes.

> the boys were supposed to go into the studio at the
> beginning of July, but they went back earlier and were
> going really well. I also read that Bono has taken his
> family for a 6-8 week holiday in France.
> I suppose it's possible that the rest of the band are still
> slaving away in the studio, or they could be getting some real
> work done now that Bono's out of the way!

That's possible. :) LOL.
Or maybe the family is enjoying a vacation while Bono and the
rest of the band is working in the South of France. (Now that
sounds strange...*working* in the South of France!)

> Has anyone else noticed that there aren't many non-concert
> PopMart-era photos around? ZooTV-era shots are easy to find,
> but I've only seen a few PopMart ones that weren't taken on stage.
> Is there a reason for this?

I don't know, I saw some photos of the boys while they were signing
autographs or going in or out of restruants/hotels. I think it's
just a lot easier to get photos at concerts, you got 'em cornered
there. You know where they are and you don't have to hunt for
them:) If you have a good camera and a great zoom lense, you
can get lots of great photos. The rarer non-concert shots get lost
in the hundreds of concert shots. Usually the show ones are
more interesting anyway. All the candied shots from chance
meetings tend to look the same. One of the guys in their street
clothes being nice and smiling and a bunch of happy people I don't
recognize crowded around them.

> There was a post quite a while ago about wether U2 fans
> (specifically us) are too obsessed. I think obsession
> becomes dangerous when you start doing something like that
> bloke who was stalking Adam…y'know, calling him 200
> times a day, breaking into his house, or like that story
> about Billy Corgan in a chat room hearing someone describe
> the inside of his house, or that bloke who tried to rape
> Stephen Speilberg…but I think anyone who tried that
> would wake up the next day with four thousand angry wirelings
> camped in their front yard.

Ya know, I think the psycho stalkers your talking about there
are easy to distinguish from just ye regular obsessed U2 fans
like us:) These people of really self-centered and out for their
own gradification. They don't really care for the well being or
happiness of the person they're mistakenly called a fan of.
They have no empathy with others or they'd never do what they do.
I don't even know if they consider the person they stalk
a "real" person. They're a whole other species than the real fans.


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