Transcribed paragraph from National Geographic Sept. '94 on U2

Shary T. ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:43:02 -0700

Here it is! This is the paragraph from National Geographic Mag September
'94 on U2 by Richard Coniff Vol.186 No.3. Page 7.

   "I'm like a preacher stealing hearts at a travelling show," thunders
Bono, lead singer of U2, the enormously successful Dublin-based rock
group as likely to champion social justice as celebrate erotic themes.
At this hometown concert Bono preached to the converted. The stage set
for the band's Zoo TV tour was a satirical pastiche- a trio of Trabant
automobiles from the former East Germany hung above scenes from the
royal wedding of Charles and Di. It was typically sardonic Irish
commentary by a group in the vanguard of Ireland's artistic ferment.
The band earns applause for supporting other artists and investing in
projects that bolster their country's economy.

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