My own U2 film fest!!

Russell Fuller ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:05:14 -0500

I had a sorrda U2 film-fest the past week (while gettin over my
surgery), and I saw Wings of Desire, Faraway So Close, Reality Bites, Rattle
and Hum, and Captive. Yes!! I said Captive!! My local movie store had it,
so I got my mom to run down and get it. Now...lemme tell ya'll
something...I think Edge's sdtk. to Captive was the best sdtk. I'd EVER
heard!! But...then I actually saw the's about one nude
scene away from being rated XXX!!! I think the movie was absolutely AWFUL!
The ONLY good thing that I found about it was the music!!

You also might find this weird of me to say, cos I'm sorrda this naive teen
or something...but after watching Wings of Desire (my first foreign film
ever), and then Faraway So Close (my 2nd foreign film of-course), I
understand U2 in a way that I never could quite grasp before. There's
really no way of putting it other than that!
I saw U2 in those movies quite clearly actually...their motives and purity
if you wanna say it that way! Also...the video for Stay (FSC!) is a MIRROR
image of those movies! Course...that's quite obvious...but I thought I'd
throw that in.

Oh yeah...I also rented the 'movie' of Pavarotti and Friends: Together for
the children of Bosnia! I actually got to SEE Bono and Edge do their
amazing performances of Miss Sarajevo and One!! It's a cool tape!

Welp, I'm off to Bonoland!! See ya when I return...heh heh...NEVER...Lol!!

July 22 = 17 yrs. old!!! Woo-hoooooo!!

Kami "ILUVBONO" Fuller

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