U2 album covers design: Help this young designer!

Liana ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:27:27 -0300

Achtung Wirelings!!!!

        I need some help here . . . I mean, I have to make a cover desing to
my arts class at school (It was a "you fave band's next album" thing. Guess
who I choosed? ;-), and 'cause of a lack of criativity I decided to make
Rather Go Blind's cover design (Actually, I gotta desing everything!!!!).
Anyway, I wanted to ask you if anyone have *any* picture of the lads that is
"new" (ie: No concert pics, no last year pics. Something newer . . .). Well,
that's it, when I finish my project I'll post on the web for you all to
see!!! (It's already half away, and it's nice looking even if bootish!!).

        Don't you just love reading the "thanks to" section in the albums?
Well I do!! And I just couldn't help laughting when I saw that in POP it
says "Mr. and Mrs. Edge". Sooo cute!!! Oh, yeah, I don't know if that's been
discuted here, but what is that "The Freedom of Zooropa" thing that says in
Zooropa (duh!) interior? (Am I being stupid here?? ;-)
        Thanks you all!!!

Ana MacPhisto ==> listening to War for the 5th time in a row!!!!!

   "Take my hand, you know I'll be there if you can, I'll cross the sky for
you love"

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