No real U2-content, but please read the post anyway

Irene Hheim ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 20:38:21 +0200

Hello, everyone.

A while ago I posted a request for U2 pictures for my page. Thanks to all the kind people that
responded, I've got many nice pics now. :-)
But I've decided that making the U2-page will be put on ice for a while. Instead, I've put up a
tribute-site for my sister, who I miss with all my heart. It's just my way of saying that I love
her, and I'd give anything to just have 5 more minutes with her.
I'd appreciate it if you had a look at
the next time you're surfing the net. It's still under construction, but please sign the guestbook
if you want. :-)
Thank you,

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