PopMart Cube

Angela Pancella ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 16:02:49 -0500

I apologize if y'all know about this already, but I've seen talk of
inflatable lemons, PopMart keychains, PopMartian T-shirts, but I've never
seen anyone mention this...
U2 POP Mart Changing Faces Cube!
It looks like a Rubik's cube with only four sqares on each side, with the
pics of the boys on four sides and a black "U2 POP" logo on the top and I
don't know what on the bottom--I'm looking at an advertisement in a
catalog. The catalog is the Performer's Collection from Signature
Products, and I got it from someone who works at the TWA Dome here. They
also list a gray t-shirt with the POP cover art and a black t-shirt with
the Rattle and Hum logo. The shirts are $19 and the cube is $12. Order
POP t-shirt: RK2306 (L, XL)
Cube: RK2308
R&H t-shirt: RK2307 (L, XL)
And the order number is 1-800-807-8464. Their website is listed as
http://www.choicemall.com/performers .
I'm not an employee of the company and I'm not getting anything out of
advertising this; I just thought people might be interested and might not
know about it. The cube looks really fun and I'm thinking of getting one
Re: the picture in People. THAT'S the length of hair for Bono, whoo! And
is it just me or is Ali starting to take after Enya?

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