Quick rebuttal

rob okorn ([email protected])
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 22:03:39 PDT

Actually John, I've listened to a heck of alot of shows other than RHT
as I'm sure you gathered given the fact I listed some other dates.
On Sweet fire of Love, I'd hardly call Bono's vocals screaming. I guess
anything that isn't reflective pensive and plodding is construed as
Even the b-sides Luminous Times, Spanish Eyes, Deep in the heart along
with Sweet fire of love convey more emotion than I wish to quantify.
I guess those tracks exemplify Bono's 'spirit of abandonment' which to
him was the key, a raw naturalism that was real and devoid of any
self-conscious artifacts. JT's restraint demonstrated Bono's rapid
maturity, it was poise with passion not passion without poise.
As Lanois pointed out, the guy to the studio WOWY is 'in the restraint'
and the lead up the the 'explosion' by way of the howling. The nuance
throughout is a function of that restraint as well. Lanois also noted
the 'tick tock' beat was though of as more of a clock or bomb about to
go off.

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