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Wed, 22 Jul 1998 02:10:46 EDT

<<today, i was working in the kitchen while my mom was watching the maury
show and she told me to watch this guy. he was a painter and he paints these
really cool portraits of people. Well on the show today he did a painting of
albert einstein. then they showed his other works and among them was BONO,
and some other people. it was a pretty cool looking painting . i thought it
was pretty interesting. i didn't really catch the guys name, something like
danny den. but i am not sure. does anybody know who it is, and if he has
like a website or something.

yeah I have seen him 2 times before..his name is Denny Dent and I saw him at
Woodstock 94 on the main stage..he painted inbetween bands at times and then I
saw him at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Colorado about 2 years ago??
I think it was..I talked with him briefly for a bit and he signed something
for me that I no longer have...but I asked him what his painting usually go
for cause they are up for auction as soon as he finishes them and he said that
they start at $2000 each and work their way up...he said that before he had
even painted the picture of Hendrix that day that he had already been payed
for the guys work is usually sold BEFORE he even does it..weird...but
hes cool and paints like NO ONE I have ever seen before in my life..if anyone
gets a chance to see him I highly reccomend it thing is..he does these
pictures in less than 5 minutes..he puts on a song and the painting is done
before the song is over and we are not talking LITTLE paintings..they are like
6 feet by 4 feet boards...

what I wouldnt do for a 6 foot Bono on my wall :)


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